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Hi, my name is V. I'm a Phenomenal Woman living in the world. This blog is to provide you with daily outfit ideas, makeup tips, crush from all over the place, and share my personal story. This basically a weird diary.

"The most important thing you are going to wear today ... is YOU!" 

We all have gorgeous girlfriends, those who are so sublime that they make you want to ask them their opinion on everything.....

CHANEL | Haute Couture Printemps-Été 2019, une collection décevante !

Karl Lagerfeld transforme le Grand Palais en un vaste jardin méditerranéen pour présenter des silhouettes Printemps-Été 2019.

5 Marques d’accessoires coups de cœur à suivre.

Je commence l’année avec une petite liste d’accessoires coup de cœur à suivre.

I understand that one of the benefits of clear vision is being able to appreciate nature’s most spectacular sights, and few can be more breathtaking than a sunset.



It is true that I did it often but clearly not frequently enough. There, everything changes, everything changes, and the world but above all WE quickly realize that to change, it is not necessary that the hashtags, it is not necessary that to support from afar, the donations are fine but it is rather of charity and it is done when there is already fire in the house.


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Faral Low Carb Delivered At Your Place! (Abidjan)

Eating healthy and balanced remains to this day one of the greatest challenges of our era (no doubt before the climate for that matter). However, this remains a very decisive "life" capital, isn't it? As I like to repeat to anyone who wants to hear it, NEVER do as I do when it comes to "eating well".