Le Pinceau poudre sert à…

Le pinceau poudre est un pinceau rond et dense qui permet d’appliquer les poudres libres ou pressées sans en mettre un paquet !  Il permet d’estomper, de poser la matière et sculpter le visage sans le surcharger.

Astuce : Prélevez une quantité de poudre à l’aide de votre pinceau, et procédez à l’application en balayant l’ensemble du visage.

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I had no plan! Here is my truth. Didn’t hire a storyteller and will not lie so here I am! An avid life lover, who traveled enough to feed her creativity. The glamorous, the nomad, the retro, the clean and opulence… I’ve seen and loved them all. Life is too short to have rules and structures when it comes to art.. “You have to choose what your brand should look like”- they said… I want my brand to be felt… Fragments of emotions captured on textiles that’s all: MVSE.


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