1. EXFOLIATE LIPS TO KEEP THEM SMOOTH : You could use a soft toothbrush, though it is gentler (and more delicious) to dunk your lip balm in sugar, apply it to your mouth and rub the crystals carefully around gently with a finger.

2. KEEP LIPS SOFT AND HYDRATED : Use a lip balm to hold moisture inside the lip tissues, particularly when you’re on the plane (cabin air can be drying).

3. PACK TWO LINER PENCILS : One that is neutral, one that is bright. You can use a lip pencil on its own all over the lips as a basic matte colour, or layer gloss over it, or use it in the classic way to add definition to the edges of your pout.

4. PACK YOUR THREE FAVOURITE LIPSTICKS : One neutral, one ‘normal’ and one bright, in the same colour as your bright lip liner.

5. MAKE IT LAST : Apply it, blot the colour with a thin layer of tissue and apply more. Waxier, more densely pigmented lipstick will give longer lasting colour than sheer or creamy ones.

6. PACK A CLEAR LIP GLOSS : (or a small tin of Vaseline), just because – You never know when you might want to wear it, and for hot destinations or partying, you could always use it as a sheer highlighter on cheekbones and browbones.

7. PROTECT YOUR LIPS : If you’re out and about in the sun, use a lip product with built-in SPF.

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